Generosity of the Dear Neighbor!

On Sunday, June 17, 2018 sisters who entered the congregation in 1964 gathered for a reunion. Eileen Myles commented, “We had a very enjoyable time. It is always great to get together with the ‘Party-Party!’ We were fortunate to have Gloria Cruz, CSJ with us. She shared with us the ongoing problems in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane Maria. There are many political and financial problems that are hampering the restoration of all services to the entire population especially the poor. Gloria along with other religious sisters are reaching out to individual people and families to help them with financial, legal, and emotional support.”

Former member, Ann Ralston McKenna, along with her husband and son, has been active with the Kiwanis in Northport. In an effort to support those impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria, Ann made a presentation to the Kiwanis about the plight of the children in PR. As a result, she was able to present Gloria with a check for $1,500. Gloria will bring this donation to Centro San Francisco in Tamarindo for this year’s summer camp. Muchas gracias a Ann, su familia y los Kiwanis! Gracias a Dios!

After 54 years of friendship and sisterhood the ‘Party of 1964’ have much to celebrate!

Gloria Cruz, CSJ happily receives a check from the Northport Kiwanis for $1,500 from Ann Ralston McKenna.