St. Joseph Worker Program NY Begins Year Two

St. Joseph Worker Program NY Begins Year Two!

As the St. Joseph Worker Program began its second year The Traveler, a poem by John O’Donohue, was an appropriate way to commence the orientation for the Workers and program staff.

Every time you leave home, another road takes you into a world you were never in.

The road from Accra, Ghana has brought Benita Amoako to serve at St. Michael Catholic Academy, the road from Crystal Lake, Illinois had led Megan Hryniewicz to serve at Hour Children and the road from Babylon, NY has guided Faith Yusko to the Partnership for Global Justice at the United Nations.

Our St. Joseph Workers 2018-2019, Faith Yusko, Benita Amoako and Megan Hryniewicz have arrived!

New strangers on other paths await, new places that have never seen
you will startle a little at your entry.

The SJWs were introduced to the spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph which focuses on love of God and neighbor without distinction. This spirituality extends beyond religious denomination, recognizing that all living beings are recognized as sacred and deserving of our love and respect. Love of God and neighbor without distinction is the foundation that moves the Sisters into social action.

Living within a story, the SJWs reflectively participate in the Cosmic Walk.

The SJWs explored community across the Brentwood property and the joy of living as kin with all created beings.

Through story and artifacts, Virginia Dowd, CSJ Archivist and her assistant, Irene Manning, shared the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The CSJ Leadership Team welcomes the SJWs and the program’s staff.

A journey can become a sacred thing. Make sure, before you go,
to take the time to bless your going forth, to free your heart of ballast
so that the compass of your soul might direct you toward the territories of spirit where you will discover more of your hidden life, and the urgencies that deserve to claim you.

The orientation and retreat days culminated with a Commissioning Ceremony for our SJWs. In the spirit of our founders, Benita, Faith and Megan committed to deepening their spirituality, works of justice, skills of leadership and intention of living simply in community. During the ceremony the SJWs were gifted with a vase of lilies that were prepared by the sisters in St. Joseph Renewal Center. Within the gift was the message; St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the Lilies were made by the sister’s hands to help remind the SJWs that “The Just Shall Blossom Like the Lily”. The Hearts represent love and the areas of the SJWs ministries.The Hands on the vase are the hands of the many people the SJWs will be ministering to. The God’s Love Across the City are the areas that each of the SJWs ministries are located.

The SJWs are touched by the beautiful vase of lilies the sisters created and treasure the message that they will carry with them throughout their days.

May you travel safely, arrive refreshed, and live your time away to its fullest;
return home more enriched, and free to balance the gift of days which call you.

Let us continue our prayers and support for our St. Joseph Workers throughout the year so that their experience is transforming and upon their return home they live out their days being a force for good.

Faith, Megan and Benita, you are a piece of God’s plan and we are grateful to be on the journey with you!