As a Sister

“In a world where there are many voices, we might well ask, How do we know which voice is the voice of God? How do we discern a vocation to religious life? Usually, the call is ‘of the Spirit’ when it touches what we feel we need most to do and what the world needs to have done. In other words, my vocation is the place ‘where my deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
Jean Amore, CSJ President (2000-2011)

Membership in the Sisters of St. Joseph is a decision that results from a woman’s response to her relationship with God. The focus of this relationship is intimacy with God, God’s people and care for all God’s creation. It’s a commitment to live a vowed life in community and participate in its mission to widen God’s circle of love to include all.

We welcome any woman who is interested to begin conversation with our Director of Vocation Development: S. Marie Mackey, CSJ, 718-791-7911 or 

 Mary Preenika Dabrera

PreenikaPreenika began her candidacy on September 19, 2008  at a ceremony held at Saint Patrick’s Church in Long Island City. Preenika then went to live at St. Patrick’s Convent in Long island city and continued her ministry at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Although now a United States citizen, Preenika was born in Sri Lanka. She has had a variety of work experiences which have taught her how to work with people who come from different parts of the world. Preenika made her First Vows in the congregation on October 19 , 2013. She renewed her vows on October 18, 2014.


Ginny Murtha

Virginia Murtha

Virginia is a registered nurse and  is  a member of the congregation who had to leave the community for some time and then returned.  On completing her novitiate, she made her First Vows on on October 19, 2013.

Ginny ministers at St. Joseph Convent in Brentwood using her nursing experience and training to care for the retired and sick sisters who reside there. She is part of the skilled nursing team whose compassion and care make this stage of life as comfortable and happy for the sister residents as possible,

Ginny renewed her vows on October 18, 2014.


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